Norouzi Law office in Hamburg, Germany

Lawyer and legal adviser for Iran law system

The law office of Ali Norouzi in Hamburg specializes in Iranian law. Both Iranian citizens and non-Iranian citizens who need an Iranian lawyer to enforce and defend their rights by Iranian courts, can without having to travel to Iran, contact to his law office in Hamburg and make an appointment. Both presently and telephone consultation are available.
Mr. Ali Norouzi, who has about 20 years of experience as a judge and lawyer in Iranian courts ( family, criminal and civil courts of Iran ) grants access to a highly qualified lawyer for your litigation. Because of the easy access to his law office in Hamburg, his clients can always be informed precisely and clearly about their case status in Iran.

The Norouzi law office offers the following legal services:
  • Iranian family law, dowry gift, marriage contract, divorce, etc.
  • Iranian inheritance law, wills etc.
  • Legal cases in the area of ​​criminal law and civil law in iran
  • Consulting, support and representation of clients in Iran

I hope to see you soon in my office.

Hamburg, Germany
Tel.:    +49 40 64 79 20 20
Fax:    +49 40 67 10 84 23
Mobil: +49 177 49 57 874
E-Mail: info@norouzi-lawyer.de

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Monday to Friday   9:00 -18:00
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Wandsbeker Stieg 41
22087 Hamburg
( Germany )
Tel:     +49 40 64 79 20 20
Fax:    +49 40 67 10 84 23
Mobil: +49 177 49 57 874
Email: info@norouzi-lawyer.de